The following section is a comprehensive listing of our available security services. If you have any further questions please contact our security division representative at 877-448-2882 ext 113.




Officers uniforms are based upon your specific needs and the required duties. Dependant upon these issues, your officers by be outfitted in a typical "police style" uniform; bike patrol uniforms; sports coat and slacks. We tailor our services to your needs in both form and function.

Roving Security Officers - uniformed officers patrol your property or facility to protect against undesirable activity. Officers can perform their patrols on foot, golf cart, auto or you may select to utilize our bike patrol officers.

Static Security Officers - our uniformed officers maintain security of specific access points, limiting entry to authorized personnel only. This is also useful for package inspections for personnel exiting your property or facility. Generally utilized at business facilities and gated communities.

Special Event Staff - Excalibur can supply your event with as few or as many security officers needed. We have been contracted to provide these services for such companies as: Hard Rock International; VH1; MTV; Sony Pictures and the Fox Network. Some of these events required in excess of 150 personnel and were successfully carried out without incident.

Seasonal Services - Excalibur officers can monitor your pool facilities for access control and maintain all facility regulations set forth by the client.




All security patrol services are conducted in highly visible and marked patrol vehicles. Assigned vehicles are dependant upon your requirements.

Standard Vehicle Patrol - Uniformed officers in marked patrol cars check your business, facility or neighborhood throughout the nighttime hours to protect against vandalism; property and parking violations and other specific issues.

Alarm Response - Our officers can respond to your alarm activations after hours and determine if a problem actually exists. Many municipalities are now imposing "false alarm" fines on businesses who repeatedly have false alarms requiring police or fire response.

Call Responsive Patrol - Officers can be summoned for specific events such as noise complaints and other property violations. This is a "call when needed" service and is used in situations where police response may be delayed. Many rural areas (not within a city limits) may experience delayed police response time due to the overwhelming demand on their services.




Excalibur can provide you with a wide variety of consulting

Risk Assessment - Excalibur consultants can examine your property and procedures to help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities which could result in injury or other loss to your business.

Service & Integrity Assessment - Sometimes referred to as "Secret Shopping", our consultants can report to you the entire experience in dealing with your business as a customer. This is a comprehensive service an tailored to your specific business. Where many companies can provide the service assessment, we additionally report any actual or potential integrity issues or vulnerabilities. All reports of this nature include the entire experience, from initial contact to the conclusion of business.

Camera Placement & Equipment - Due to our experience in various criminal investigations, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in the placement of your surveillance cameras and help you in the selection of associated equipment.

Access Control - Our consultants can help you with your needs regarding specific, access control equipment such as biometrics; proximity and coded entry systems.

Key Control - One of the most vulnerable of issues, we can establish secure procedures and help with obtaining specific equipment related to proper key control.




Sometimes referred to as "bodyguards" - our trained officers can provide these services according to your needs, from just a few hours to several weeks. These services can be performed performed in a uniformed or plainclothes manner and can be plainly visible or can be a "shadow". Shadowing is when the officer is in plainclothes and is not readily recognizable as a protective agent. The officer remains within very close proximity, ready to react to any identified or perceived threat. We can provide these services for: Domestic Issues; Personal Threats; Business Persons; Other "High Profile" Individuals and Celebrities. We have provided services for such individuals and businesses to include: Bruce Willis; Will Smith; Jerry Lewis; Julio Iglesias; Vanna White; John Bon Jovi; Monica Seles; Patrick Swayze and Diebold, Inc.

Excalibur can coordinate everything for you to include: airport arrival; transportation; lodging; restaurants; venue issues and airport departure.


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